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System Definition
Through the use of kaiyuan, kaiyuan board and various supporting and auxiliary materials, kaiyuan solution framework structure, frame shear structure, the shear wall structure, exterior wall and roof of a complete set of processing solution filled in.
Mainly includes: kaiyuan block filling system Kaiyuan kaiyuan plate filling filling system.



System components


System Benefits
1, qualitative light, kaiyuan products the characteristics of light weight, making the system can effectively reduce the dead weight of concrete frame structures, thereby reducing foundation and structure of investment, has the very good economy.
2, size accurate, for kaiyuan product appearance size accurate, makes the system a domestic initiative to achieve thin layer bonding agent construction system.
3, the intensity is high, kaiyuan products use thin layer mortar masonry, and thus the intensity of utilization coefficient greatly improved. The plank can configure corresponding reinforcement according to design requirements, with higher compressive strength, shear strength.
4, good permeability resistance, the system adopts the special-purpose masonry building materials, wall permeability resistance, better permeability resistance 85% higher than the clay brick wall.
5, good sound insulation, according to the different wall thickness and surface treatment way, kaiyuan wall insulation can reach 30-52 db. Kai yuan green environmental protection product raw materials are natural inorganic material, is a green one at a time can be laying one meter height limit, can laying to continuously. Plate up to 6 meters, greatly improving the laying speed, reduce labor costs.


Masonry methods
Before and after using dry construction, construction without watering. Use adhesive lining, has greatly raised the whole strength of the wall.


Finishes processing methods
Kaiyuan product size precision, but don't have to paint the floor leveling, direct group of be bored with child. 2, kaiyuan steel structure maintenance system (maintenance system)