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Zhejiang Kaiyuan new wall materials Co., Ltd. was established in December 2004, to September 15, 2006 formally put into production. Companies adhering to the New Century Tourism Group's excellent corporate culture, the implementation of scientific and standardized management.
In Kaiyuan, employees not only work for life, the more self-worth and positive struggle.
New recruits required to undergo pre-employment training, knowledge of the group's corporate culture, the development process, the company organization, rules and regulations, development planning, compensation and benefits, so that employees fully understand the company's current and future development trends, individual career planning to help employees career. Meanwhile, to make the capacity of staff constantly improve the performance of the company will be selected to participate in external training good staff.
Company under the Group's remuneration policy, remuneration system to develop scientific, and for one year certain level, according to the employee's performance and contribution made​​, will be a raise, promotion, and is expected to motivate other ways. The company focus on internal personnel training, recruitment, promotion, etc., adhere to the principle of internal promotion and appointment of priority.
Welfare benefits
The company provides meals for the road farther staff accommodation. In addition, the company implemented a weekly weekend logistics executive branch system. Others, such as high fees otherwise subsidies, birthdays and other welfare activities. The company purchased "Five dangerous" for contract employees, some of the staff after serving for two years, but also for the purchase of housing fund.
The company logistics facilities
Accommodation according to the college student apartment mode (air conditioning, telephone, broadband, TV, bathroom, bedding, hot water and so offers free) and has a basketball court, table tennis room, billiards room, Kara OK hall, reading room and so on. Who lives in Hangzhou and Xiaoshan staff, shuttle back and forth on Mondays and Fridays as well as factory and Hangzhou Xiaoshan two shuttle.
Syndicalist party activities
The company regularly organizes various cultural, entertainment, sports and athletic activities. Such as Spring, Fall Camp, Women's Day activities, Tomb Sweeping, Mid-Autumn evening, basketball games, karaoke OK song contest, so that the family of employees into the company as soon as possible.